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By on June 25th, 2015

The Benefits of Hosting Exchange Students

How involved are you in the academic world or business world in your area? For instance, a great many people living and working in the San Francisco area have no idea of the long list of universities, schools, and firms offering international internships are all around them. They don’t know that many foreign exchange students arrive in the hopes of increasing their knowledge but of also experiencing American culture. And because a lot of people don’t realize this, they lose…

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By on June 3rd, 2015

How Can Host Families Find an Exchange Student?

Are you considering hosting an international exchange student? Do you know how wonderful it would be if you could make the dreams of a foreign student come true? Not only is being a host family a wonderful opportunity for an exchange student, but it is also a great way you can learn about another culture and to support someone in achieving their educational goals. First Steps Do you live in San Francisco or Berkeley area? Have you been thinking about…

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By on February 22nd, 2015

Tips for Hosting Successful Homestays

Are you thinking of hosting a foreign exchange student? Are you currently in the process of hosting an exchange student? Whether you are in the process of becoming a host family or will be welcoming your first student, there are some helpful things you should remember in order to host successful homestays now or in the future. Make a Room for Your Student During Homestays When arriving in a new country, many exchange students will have feelings of displacement and…

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