By on February 22nd, 2015

Tips for Hosting Successful Homestays

Are you thinking of hosting a foreign exchange student? Are you currently in the process of hosting an exchange student? Whether you are in the process of becoming a host family or will be welcoming your first student, there are some helpful things you should remember in order to host successful homestays now or in the future.
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Make a Room for Your Student During Homestays

When arriving in a new country, many exchange students will have feelings of displacement and apprehension. Imagine being away from your family, friends, school and everything familiar to you. In order to make your student feel welcomed and comfortable, it is a good idea to prepare a room for them.

Talk to Your Exchange Student

Coming into a host family’s home can be a bit awkward, but you should try to get to know your student. The exchange agency you are working with attempts to pair up students and families according to compatibility and interests. If there are any misunderstandings between a host family and a student, the agency can help the group work out any differences, or may place the student with a new family if needed.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

When your student arrives, you may be anxious to help them get acquainted with some other people. You may want to take your student to a local youth group or introduce them to some of your friends that might have children around the same age. Try to say your student’s name with their native accent in mind or if the student prefers to be called by another name, get into that habit early and when making introductions use that name. Going the extra mile to make your student feel welcomed, will help them assimilate into their new life much more easily.

Remember Your Manners

One very important tip to having successful homestays is to remember cultural differences. You should be polite and respectful of the customs of your exchange student’s native country. By learning about the student’s culture as early as possible, you can communicate more effectively and avoid doing anything which may embarrass or offend your exchange student.

Spend Quality Time with Your Exchange Student

Hosting homestays for a foreign exchange student can be a great experience. You should take your exchange student to visit local historical sites, educational venues, sporting events, and other interesting places. Hosting a foreign exchange student is a unique and meaningful experience, hopefully forming friendships which will last a lifetime.

Make Your Student Part of the Family

Hosting a homestay for a foreign exchange student can be an even better experience if you make your guest feel like one of the family. If you require your children to perform simple tasks or chores, you can ask your exchange student to participate. Everyone is expected to live by rules and your exchange student is no different and they will appreciate helping out and feeling useful.

How to Have the Best Possible Homestays

If you are welcoming a foreign exchange student into your home, there are some important things you can do to make the homestay successful. Be mindful of cultural differences and remember to be kind and considerate. Your student will be a guest in your home for a considerable length of time, so if there are any issues try talking it out using patience and understanding. If you wish to find out more about hosting a foreign exchange student, it is a great idea to visit to find out further information.