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By on April 28th, 2017

6 Tips for Homestay Host Families When Welcoming a Student

Hosting an international student is a lot of fun. It will be an amazing experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Still, if you’d like some extra help making the most of this opportunity, here are six tips for doing so. Give It Time From the moment you first speak with your international student, you’ll probably begin feeling some connection with them, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be best friends right away. This will take time, so just be patient…

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By on April 26th, 2017

Understanding the Culture of English International Students

English international students may seem like some of the easiest to host seeing as how there is no language barrier (don’t be so sure). As you’re about to see, though, there’s plenty about their culture you should understand before your student arrives. English Love (Their) Tea You probably already know that tea is a staple of the English diet. They don’t just drink it every day; they actually stop what they’re doing once a day to have a cup. Offering…

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By on April 24th, 2017

Homestay Recipes: Affordable Options for Host Parents

Being a homestay parent comes with a number of benefits, many of which you’ll only fully realize during your student’s stay and some that you won’t even recognize until after they’ve left. However, it’s also true that being a homestay host means your budget will need to incorporate one more person. While it’s definitely worth it, we’ve put together some very affordable recipes that will leave your student and your budget very happy. Sticky Rice Stir Fry It doesn’t get…

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