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By on July 4th, 2015

A Great Work at Home Opportunity – Homestay Provider

Do you know about homestay programs? These vary from place to place, but there are now formal agencies that work with international students and interns as well as American households to create homestay situations. The student comes from abroad to study or serve as an intern in a large firm, and the host or hosts provide them with their own bedroom, along with a range of options. For example, if a student opts to attend Mesa Community College near Tempe,…

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By on December 8th, 2014

Hosting an Exchange Student Attending Irvine Valley College

Share your home for a little while and make friendships that can last a lifetime; these are just two things to be gained from being a host family to a foreign exchange student. Have you ever thought about becoming a homestay family? The Irvine Valley College offers international study programs for foreign exchange students and USH offers to place a student with your family that will match your preferences and personality. Main Responsibility of a Host Family A host family…

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