By on December 8th, 2014

Hosting an Exchange Student Attending Irvine Valley College

Share your home for a little while and make friendships that can last a lifetime; these are just two things to be gained from being a host family to a foreign exchange student. Have you ever thought about becoming a homestay family? The Irvine Valley College offers international study programs for foreign exchange students and USH offers to place a student with your family that will match your preferences and personality.

Main Responsibility of a Host Family

A host family will provide an Irvine Valley College exchange student with the chance of a lifetime. The student will be able to study, further their education, and establish friendships with new people. The main responsibility of a host family is to give a student a nurturing, supportive environment and it gives them a chance to contribute to international goodwill.

Student Responsibility

While living with a host family, a student is responsible for a variety of things. Students living with a host family are responsible for their own spending money, medical insurance and having a positive attitude. Students who come to study in America are often homesick and experience culture shock, but your family can help them to adjust by being patient and exercising compassion in certain situations. It’s a win-win situation on both ends, because a student gets the chance to experience life in a new country and the host family is doing something priceless by helping them realize their educational dreams.

Hosting for Its Benefits

Host families are the backbone of foreign exchange programs everywhere. Without selfless and adventurous families who offer to open their hearts, homes and lives, many foreign exchange students would never have the opportunity to experience America. When you agree to host a USH student, you help share American culture, make a difference in the world by showing your student about how we live and you share your values with a person from another culture. All of these things help to shape and change the life of an international student in ways you could never imagine!

Why Host a Student from Irvine Valley College?

Irvine Valley College is a great place for an international student to learn about many different things. The college offers many programs of study for international students and just a few include language, humanities, business sciences, the arts, and math, computer science and engineering. These programs are challenging and through becoming a host family, you can offer your student a comfortable and home-like environment that can help enhance their chances of successfully completing their educational program.

Process of Becoming a Host Family

If you are serious about becoming a host family, you should know there are some important steps you must go through. At USH, we help you through the entire process and make it easier for you to host an exchange student in your home. The first step is making the choice to host and realizing this decision is important and life changing.

Secondly, you must go online and apply through our website to establish a profile to give us information about the type of service you can provide and the sort of student you wish to host. Once the application has been completed, we will send an email confirmation to your email address.

Within 24 to 48 business hours of filling out our online application, we will have one of our staff contact you to schedule a host visit. After you have been approved, your application will be activated. We will contact you as soon as we have a student that matches your preferences. The last step is running your background and if everything is clear, we will complete the match and send you an email confirmation.

When you work with our organization and welcome an exchange student into your home, you will receive more benefits than you could ever realize and you will have made a positive and lasting impact on the life of an exchange student in many different ways.