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By on February 2nd, 2015

Having an Extra Bedroom: Privacy for an Exchange Student

For someone experiencing a new culture for the first time, it can be eye-opening. If you are a student and going to study in another country, there is bound to be some excitement which is normal. However, once you step off the plane, that’s when reality sets in and culture shock starts. A great way for a host family to help a student adjust to a new country is to have an extra bedroom ready and waiting. What is Meant…

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By on October 21st, 2013

Meal Plans Make International Homestay Students Feel…At Home

When an international student visits an American homestay family, acculturation opportunities occur for both. The student will not only encounter academic challenges, but also lifestyle changes with the homestay family. The host family will discover new patterns of operation with their guest, but with few, if any, major interruptions to their routine. The cultural experience thrills students. And the families enjoy the cross-cultural exchange. Questions about Cooking Food offers the occasion for discovery. Most students look for a host to…

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