By on June 3rd, 2015

How Can Host Families Find an Exchange Student?

studentAre you considering hosting an international exchange student? Do you know how wonderful it would be if you could make the dreams of a foreign student come true? Not only is being a host family a wonderful opportunity for an exchange student, but it is also a great way you can learn about another culture and to support someone in achieving their educational goals.

First Steps

Do you live in San Francisco or Berkeley area? Have you been thinking about opening your home to a foreign exchange student? The process of becoming a host family is not as difficult as you might believe. The first steps in becoming a host family include contacting a host family organization. If you live in the California, you can consult with USH to find out exactly what you need to do.

Any Questions?

You are bound to have serious questions about being a host family and the organization you work with should be able to provide the answers you need. When you decide on which organization to work with, you will probably fill out an application online. The purpose of the application is to let the organization find out more information about you and to help in matching your family with the right student.

What Schools Work with Exchange Student Organizations?

If you live in the San Francisco, CA area, two colleges that offer exchange student programs are San Francisco State University and San Francisco City College. Students coming to America can be from almost any country, but if a family wishes to host a particular country, our organization can take that into consideration when arranging a placement.

Length of Stay

The average length of stay for most foreign exchange students is 4 to 10 weeks in duration. Sometimes, an organization might receive a special groups request and it may require atypical arrangements, or a stay could be as short as one week. If your family has any specific restrictions or preferences on the length of stay an exchange student will have at your home, you should speak to your coordination representative about the matter.

Host Family Compensation

Yes, host families will receive compensation for hosting an international exchange student. About a week or so after an exchange student moves in, a host family will receive a check pre paying for the month. To get a better idea of compensation and how it’s dispersed, contact USH for further information.

Benefits of Being a Host Family

While becoming a host family may seem like an involved process, remember the benefits and rewards are worth the effort it takes. Through becoming a host family, it will give you the chance to experience the pleasure of hosting an exchange student who will more than likely become like an extra son or daughter.

A homestay family will be given the opportunity to learn about another culture and at the same time, provide an exchange student with the chance to fulfill the dream of furthering their education. For those families who are interested in the chance to host an exchange student, please contact our hosting organization to discuss it further.