By on June 9th, 2015

International Student Housing Rules

The safety and well-being of a foreign exchange student and the host family are of the utmost priority during a homestay. Through working with a foreign exchange student program, families can be prepared for what to expect, but there are always a few unknowns which should be anticipated. International student housing rules should be understood by the student, as well as the family.

References Required

As part of the international student housing rules, a host family must fill out and file a comprehensive application which needs to be signed and dated. The exchange program will then meet with the family in person to ensure they are capable of providing a nurturing and positive environment for the student.

Rules on Expenses

Most foreign exchange students will receive a stipend from their family and the foreign exchange student program for personal expenses. Many host families enjoy making their guest feel like a part of the family and if they go out for dinner, shopping or any other type of social activity, the expenses may be picked up by the family. Work out a budget with your exchange student and set guidelines as to what you are going to pay for and what you expect the student to pay for. By having international student housing rules in place, you and your exchange student are on the same page when it comes to money and there will less of a chance for misunderstandings to arise.

Consequences for Misbehaviors

It is important for host families to set up international student housing rules and certain expectations for their exchange student. In a way, a host family is like an extended family for the student; they will have rules and expectations at home and in your house it should be no different. A student residing in your home is effectively a guest, but that does not mean if rules are broken there should be no consequences. By setting up a discipline system early and outlining expectations, your student will know what is expected of them and be more likely to respect the guidelines you lay out for them.

Give Your Student Privacy

Youngsters coming from a foreign country to live and study will be dealing with pressure and stress. A host family can help ease any feelings of displacement, by having a private room set up for their exchange student. If you expect your guest to respect your international student housing rules, you should also show respect to your student. Do not go through the students things and do not invade their privacy.

Why are international student housing rules important?

You may have certain preconceived ideas about how great and wonderful it will be to welcome a foreign exchange student into your home. However, it is important for you to also be realistic about the situation. When you set up rules and guidelines for your student, it will help them to assimilate into your home more easily and make them feel comfortable. If there are any issues between your family and your student, you should work through them with honest communication and understanding. If you are interested in hosting a foreign exchange student, visit today to find out more information.