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By on September 11th, 2013

Schedule A Homestay for International Students to Fit Your Plans

More and more families register as hosts engaged in a homestay for international students. Accommodation by a local host family to students coming to the US to study abroad contributes to a rewarding  life experience for both parties – on an international level. Thanks to the host families, the international student will have the opportunity to taste what life is really link in the country in which he or she come to study Due to the number of colleges and universities…

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By on August 28th, 2013

Host Tips for Building a Good Relationship

International students who travel to study English abroad in the US appreciate the cross-cultural experience As guests, most students make the effort not to inconvenience their host family, so they feel comfortable in their own home. Many travelers coming from European and Eastern countries bring with them the sense of respect and value of family that is engrained in their countries’ old world traditions. In fact, some of the first phrases that guests and hosts in a homestay for international…

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