By on September 11th, 2013

Schedule A Homestay for International Students to Fit Your Plans

More and more families register as hosts engaged in a homestay for international students. Accommodation by a local host family to students coming to the US to study abroad contributes to a rewarding  life experience for both parties – on an international level. Thanks to the host families, the international student will have the opportunity to taste what life is really link in the country in which he or she come to study

Due to the number of colleges and universities with exchange programs from San Francisco to Santa Monica and from Los Angeles to San Diego, timing rarely poses a problem for homestay host families. Quarters, semesters, trimesters and summer courses in the academic year vary enough that a host family who plans a homestay for international students can arrange stay times that are convenient for them. Students looking for international homestay opportunities arrive year round. Even outside the school schedule, students like to arrive early before the semester starts or stay later after it ends just to discover America.

We have short and long term opportunities available, from a month to a year or more. This wide open timeline gives hosting families plenty of occasions to choose the best time for them to host a visiting student around their own work, event, vacation, or family schedule. In fact, some families who host homestays for international students even like to include an event or holiday during the student’s homestay in order to provide them an extra, special experience in the United States.

Universal Student Housing (USH) helps the homestay host find that perfect time to welcome a foreign exchange student. Some of the institutions we serve in or near California include UCLA, Santa Monica College, San Francisco City College, San Francisco State, UC San Diego, and even Arizona State University. We can connect you with school schedules, student itineraries and visiting countries that ideally match your interest and timetable.

In addition to scheduling a homestay for international students that best fits your plans, you will be arranging –for yourself and your guest– the experience of a lifetime.