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By on May 22nd, 2017

Starting Small with Hosting International Students

Making the decision to host an international student is a big one, but it’s certainly going to be worth it. You’re about to spend a prolonged period of time with someone from another part of the world. It’s going to be amazing! If you want to see what it will be like, though, one popular option is to open your home to an international student for a shorter period of time, between two and three weeks, for example. This is…

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By on May 19th, 2017

Keeping Your Routine as a Homestay Parent

Everyone has their own unique routine. If you’re about to become a homestay parent, it’s important that you understand how to keep yours once this exciting new experience begins. Fortunately, as you’re about to see, it’s actually really easy to keep your routine as a homestay parent. Reach Familiarity Quickly The quicker your family and your international student are comfortable around each other, the sooner you won’t feel the need to be around them at all times making sure they’re…

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By on May 15th, 2017

How to Say Goodbye to International Students

By the time the day arrives when your international student has to leave for their home country, there’s a good chance you will have begun thinking of them much like your own children. Therefore, it will help a lot if you understand how to say your goodbyes. While it’s never going to be easy, the following should help a bit with the process. Ask Them What They’d Like to Do During Their Final Weeks Your international student may make it…

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