By on November 15th, 2015

Give International Parents Peace of Mind

International StudentIf you are someone in an area where many different schools and universities are found, you should consider opening your home to an international student. Known as a “homestay” situation, this sort of arrangement can be done by high quality firms that match you to an ideal student and allow that student to live in a setting that is secure, supportive and far superior to almost any other option. Of course, one of the best things about your decision to open up your home is that you will be giving parents of an international student much more peace of mind.

The Realities
Just consider what it must be like for modern parents who send their children to the U.S. to attend college. They may be unable to afford to go with them when they head to the U.S. to begin studies. This means they have to make housing arrangements from abroad; never seeing where or what sort of living conditions their student will have upon arrival.

This same situation prevents those parents from supporting their child as they settle into their housing. That can mean that a foreign student has to rush to get furnishings and household basics in a city where transportation and shopping can be confusing or challenging.
Then comes the issue of knowing whether or not that child is able to eat properly and study under ideal conditions. For example, their student may have to live with roommates who are strangers to them prior to arrival. Those roommates may be loud and disruptive, not the best fit, and difficult for their student to live with.
All of these realities, however, can be vastly improved by the simple choice of a homestay instead. And this is where hosts enter the equation.

Hosts or host families willing to open their homes to homestay students enjoy a lot of benefits. There is the reliable income that comes from the arrangement, but there is so much more. Those who welcome an international student into their home get to experience an instant and ongoing cross-cultural exchange. While they introduce their guest to everyday life in the U.S., they learn about the conditions and experiences of that person’s native land.

They also get to look at their surroundings with a fresher eye than ever before. After all, if you live in a city like Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley, CA, Boston MA, Tempe, AZ or Miami, FL you may not explore a lot of the cultural or recreational activities. When youhave an international student living under your roof, though, you may start to more actively engage with the city and its surroundings, hoping to introduce your student to as much of the region as you can.

If you have an empty bedroom and a desire to provide at least one student with the kind of environment needed to be healthy, happy and successful during their studies in the U.S., consider working with a homestay provider in your area. Whether in Los Angeles, Boston, Irvine, San Francisco, Tempe, Miami, or California, you will be able to find full-service providers.