By on December 30th, 2015

4 Myths About Hosting International Students


Do you wish that you could host an international student in your home, but you just don’t think it’s possible? A lot of people miss out on this incredible experience because they’ve heard one or more myths about hosting international students. Let’s debunk the myths, and then you can decide whether or not being a host family is right for you.

Myth 1 – It’s Expensive

People have this idea that they’re going to have to add another member to the family and pay for everything they eat and all of their expenses, too. That’s just not true. When you work with USH, we’ll pay you before your student arrives, and all of their room and board will be taken care of. So, no, being a host family isn’t expensive – in fact, you can actually make money doing it.

Myth 2 – You Have to Have a Certain Type of Family

The next biggest myth is that you have to have a certain type of family to qualify to be a host family. Honestly, you can be single, married, have kids or no kids, divorced, and the list goes on. As long as you have a place for a student to stay, and you are a good match, you don’t have to have or be any particular kind of family to host an international student.

Myth 3 – You’ll Be Legally Responsible for Your Student

At USH, we work only with college-level and higher students, all of whom are legal adults who will be completely responsible for themselves while staying with you.

Myth 4 – You Have to Speak Their Language

Finally, no, you don’t have to already understand French, Japanese, Russian, or any other language to become a host family. In fact, your student will likely be studying in the US to become more fluent in English and to learn how to communicate well with others. Most students will have a rudimentary understanding of English, and you’ll be able to help them out along the way, too. You might pick up some of their language by the end of their stay, but you definitely do not have to already know it to be a good host.

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the most common myths about hosting international families, what do you think? If you’re ready to explore becoming a host family, apply with USH today.