By on April 15th, 2016

Earn Extra Income by Hosting a College of the Canyons International Student

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If you live in Santa Clarita, California, you may not even be aware that you are in a prime spot to provide a student a home. The international students at the College of the Canyons often choose to enroll in homestay programs, to immerse themselves in English-speaking homes, and to be a part of a family lifestyle that helps them get through the feelings of homesickness during their studies.

College of the Canyons Students

The College of the Canyons offers an extensive program for international students. In addition to providing great education, their goal is to help a student acclimate to the culture of American education, and then to help place them in the undergraduate or graduate program of their dreams at larger universities like UCLA.

International students at the College of the Canyons begin their classes in late August, and usually start arriving in America during late July or early August. While they are in school at COC, students will be attending classes full-time, in a variety of fields. They may or may not already have a fluent grasp of English, but COC has a dedicated ESL program to help them quickly gain the language skills they need.

Where You Come In

If you have a spare bedroom and a heart for helping others, you would be a great host family. You can find out more about the requirements and procedures for becoming a host family here on our website, but the basic things you will need to provide are: a private bedroom with a closet space, a desk, and a bed; two meals a day; and a warm family environment where the student can practice their English and learn more about the American culture.

You don’t have to have children, or not have children, or be of a certain age, to be a great host family. Non-traditional families are welcome to host international students as well. It’s important that international students see the depth of the American definition of “family”, so even if you are hesitant, give us a try. If you are willing and meet the basic requirements, you’re probably going to find a good chance of being accepted.

Benefit to You

There are many benefits to becoming a host family. You’ll be exposed to many new ideas and experiences, and you’ll get the chance to make lasting friendships. You’ll also receive an extra income for hosting the students through Universal Student Housing. Knowing that you are helping a student reach goals that may not be available to them anywhere else in the world is a huge reward in its own right. You’re making a difference and getting a great learning experience while you are at it.

You’ll typically be hosting a student for four to ten weeks at a time, although if it’s a good fit and the student will be in the same program for a long time, they can request an extended stay with you. But generally, moving to other host families gives a student the chance to be exposed to more types of people and families. Once one student moves on to a new family, you can apply to host a new guest yourself, meaning you’ll get the same great benefits all over again. A new chance to make a difference and experience a new perspective.

By hosting a student from the College of the Canyons, you can become a vital part of the international community in Santa Clarita, and help foster someone’s dreams. Check out our other information, and our application page to find out how to get started.