Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the requirements for becoming a host family?

As a host, you should have a spare, private bedroom available for students. The room should be furnished with at least a bed, desk, and closet space. You will be able to provide students with one of three meal plans. The homestay should be a clean and friendly environment for everyone's comfort. Hosts must keep in communication with USH staff and inform us of any change in accommodation, meal plan, dates, etc.

Do hosts get compensated?

Yes, hosts get compensated for the student's stay. About a week after your student moves in, USH will mail a prepaid check to the homestay address. Depending on the length of time your student's stay has been confirmed for, your payment will be divided per month. You will find the dates of coverage on the memo of the check.

What countries do students come from?

Students come from all over the world. Before confirming a student with you USH will provide you with the student whose profile information matches with yours and you can decide if this is a good fit for you and your family.

Am I responsible for picking up the student from the airport?

Hosts are not responsible for airport pick up. USH arranges the transportation service for the student who requests it. If a student does not request it, he will make arrangements to be dropped off at your home. There may be times, as with a special group, where USH may ask you to pick up the student but is not obligatory.

How long do students stay?

The average stay is between 4 to 10 weeks. We receive different request of anywhere from 1 week to over 1 year. Should your student apply for 4 weeks initially and request to extend, for example, we will check with you to see if you are available for the extension.

Do I need to interact with my student every day?

Students expect to be able to interact with their host by engaging in conversations and practice their English at home. USH encourages outdoor activities and family outings whenever possible.

How should I prepare for my student's arrival?

Prior to your student's arrival, a USH staff member will call you with the flight information so that you know the time you can expect your student. If your schedule does not allow it, you are responsible for making arrangements so that someone will be.

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